Cupping Therapy

Each new day a new medical innovation is coming in the market. Some people believe that the old methods are still worthy because these are time-tested. One of the old methods is cupping.


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It is an ancient technique for disease management. This technique uses suction cups to suck the skin. Blood will be drawn towards the skin because of suction. This blood will bring out the body’s toxic materials. It is claimed that this technique cures many diseases.

A 4-Step Process

Step 1 – The first step is the selection of the points where the suction cup is going to be placed. This step is done by cupping professional. In different diseases, the cups are placed at different positions. In the case of migraine or depression-related diseases, the cups are placed near the cervical region. In the case of lower limb diseases, the cups are placed on the lower limbs. Some diseases like recurrent local infections, require cups to be placed near the site of infection but not exactly on the site.

Step 2 – The second step involves bringing the cups and placing them on the skin. Mainly three types of cups are used in cupping. One type of cup is made up of elastic silicone. This cup does not require any suction or heating. Only the cups need to be placed on the skin, with a little squeeze. When the person needs to place the cup on skin, he will squeeze the cups. The squeeze will create suction pressure and this pressure will be applied to the skin. Another type of suction cup is made up of glass. This suction cup requires heating. The cup is placed on the skin and heated or some heating material is placed inside a cup before placing it on the skin. This will decrease the pressure inside the cup. When it is placed on the skin, it will start sucking the skin. The third type of cup is the latest type available. This type has a valve at the top. It is directly placed on the skin and suction device will suck out the air from the cup through the valve. The suction will draw the blood towards the skin.

Step 3 – In the third step, the cupping professional will decide if it should be dry or wet. In the case of dry cupping, only the section is done but incision will not be done. This is a basic technique which will cure only mild diseases. The other method is called wet cupping. After the initial section has drawn some blood towards the skin, small cuts will be made on the skin. These cuts will draw the blood outside. It will give cure severe diseases

Step 4 – In the fourth step, the cups are removed from the skin. The time of the suction depends upon types of diseases. The professional cupping therapist will decide on how much time the cups should be kept on the skin. After the therapy is completed, the cups are removed and the skin is cleaned. If a person is completely healthy, there is no need for any antibiotic creams. In case the person has weak immunity, he can use the creams given by the cupping therapist.


According to Medical News Today, cupping therapy has a lot of benefits especially in the case of chronic diseases like blood pressure. More research is needed to prove the benefits of cupping therapy. This therapy is available for ages and it has given benefits to many patients. When cupping therapy is done according to proper guidelines by a professional cupping therapist, it will work amazingly.


There are many types of cupping. Dry cupping will not hurt at all because cuts are not made on the skin and cups are not moved. The wet method will cause a little pain when small cuts are on the skin. This pain is completely bearable. People have never complaint of extreme pain during cupping.

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There are a lot of benefits of cupping. Cupping therapy is used for improving overall health and it is believed to cure certain diseases. Cupping is believed to increase the growth in children. As cupping therapy will draw blood out of the skin, it is believed to remove toxins from the blood. This way cupping will help in detoxification. Because cupping therapy will pull the blood towards a specific area in your body, it can relieve pain.

Pain is a result of pain-related neurones stimulation. Suction on a special place near the nerve can help relieve the pain. The human brain does not feel pain but the pathway inside the spinal cord will go up and produce pain in the form of headache and migraine.

Cupping therapy in the cervical region will help relieve migraines and headaches. People with extreme allergies got benefits from cupping therapy. Allergy is a chronic condition because people will not be able to avoid allergins completely. Cupping therapy will help you cope with the symptoms of allergy.

People with chronic conditions like diabetes or blood pressure have also seen improvement after using cupping. This is because cupping helps loosen the arteries. It will decrease the load on your heart. This way it will help the patients with chronic diseases. It can even help with the healing process.

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