Definition Sports Masssage & Athletic Cryo has helped me deal with a ton of problems. I had a surgery to remove a tumor from my left leg. I was having issues contracting my quad and hamstring muscles. DSM helped me be able to contract those muscles again. I have aches in my low back muscles and they cause pain and discomfort for me.  With the combination of the sports massage and Cryo that problem has gone away. The most recent issue was my shoulder and they were able to remove the tightness around the area and the tension in my shoulder. 



Approximately three months ago I injured my knee by hyper extending it. I had just started my career transition and due to my injury it would be postponed . I began going to Definition Sports Massage because i knew the only way to continue my career would be with the proper recovery program. I started a routine of going once a week and all their therapist are amazing expertise. The investment has been more than worth it. Also the customer service superseded any expectation i had. It is amazing to be able continue my career because my knee has healed and i have become a part of a great community of individuals who value my recovery.  

Monica E.


I am an ex-collegiate and professional Athlete. At 25 years old, my body slowly started to slow down. I began coming into Definition Sports Therapy about a month ago, and OMG! For the first in close to 8 years. My body has experienced the breakthrough that I needed in my prior athletic years. My massage therapist is Eli. This guy is God sent! He has literally been the catalyst to the "resurrection" of my body! I hope to be a lifelong member. 


Tony F.


Thank you all for helping me Today! I literally feel no pain right now for the first time in years. 

Shannon F.